Seigi Bushido Ryu teacher that the martial arts originated in Old Testament Biblical times. That it fade from prominence during the first millennium after Christ, while vestiges remained in Europe, the Middle East and the Orient. The martial arts as we currently know if traces its roots to the Orient.

Each of the traditional Oriental martial arts systems focused upon a specific specialty (a weapon, a portion of the obeyed, grappling, kicking, stealth…). While each is good, the true martial artist requires a balanced arsenal with which to face life. Thus, Seigi Bushido Tyu is an eclectic system utilizing mental physical technique from several other systems built upon a Biblical spiritual foundation. The student is mentally prepared to provide a measured response to a dangerous circumstance from a an array of skills. He will always respond, but never react.

This enables the practitioner of Seigi Bushido Ryu to avoid conflict by personal presence or mental technique, or meet the conflict by drawing upon an arsenal of elusive, passive and aggressive techniques.

Man is a triune being created in the image of God. Thus the Seigi Bushido Ryu student will receive training and develop proficiency in the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of being a total person.

The concept of Ki/Chi is not to be feared or shunned. A proper Biblical development of this “force”will compliment the growth of the Christian Martial Artist.

Seigi Bushido Ryu expects its students to be students of history. They will have a link to the past, with an eye on the future.