Soke Doc Haralson

About SBR

Seigi Bushido Ryu is a distinctively Christian eclectic martial arts system that had its formation in the 1970’s. Over a period of 16 years, the system was refined and tested in the field. After scrutiny by two international organizations, it was officially sanctioned as a unique system in 1992. Seigi Bushido Ryu (the way of the righteous warrior) is sanctioned by the Global Martial Arts Federation, the World Head of Family Sokeship Council and the Gospel Martial Arts Union.

It has a solid Biblical foundation, not only tracing the history of the martial arts to an Old Testament origin, but also ensuring that Biblical knowledge and growth are evident at all levels of rank advancement. Academic as well as physical expectations are stringent as students progress through the belt levels. A black belt in this system is a well balanced individual (spiritually, mentally and physically) with a strong self confidence and purpose in life.

The system incorporates elements from a variety of styles to provide the practitioner with a versatile “tool bag” from which to draw should the need arise to defend oneself. The forms are mainly form Tae Kwon Do (Chung Do Kwan), with advanced belts also including Kenpo Karate forms. Atemi is utilized to maximize the effectiveness of striking techniques. Students learn jujitsu and tuite to restrain aggressors and elements from Hapkido and Aikido are woven into the release move. Judo skills are taught from proper falls and rolling.